Danish Castle Center


In the late 2011 we were approached with a rather untraditional request: create the atmospheres for 5 selected stories about the danish middle ages, without showing a single image of axes, kings or pompous knights on their ways to save the princess.

The project is the new “Danish Castle Center” in the making by The Museum of Vordingborg, a new built research and experience center drawn by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects.


Visualizations by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects

The museum will tell 5 stories about power in the middle ages, trough a vivid system of location sensors and touch screens carried by the visitors. In each story zone we are creating a 3-7meter high backdrop of projected visuals, complete with shock effects, rarity chambers and a vue direct to heaven.

In many ways the project immediately talked directiy to our pounding hearts for minimalistic abstract dissemination of the basic human feelings, and we are very proud to actually have been able to (in our own humble opinion) reach this goal.

The center had a very clear idea about how Dark Matters would fit into the stories, and we have worked very freely within our understanding of the narratives, giving the space to allow for the audience to give in to our projections with their own imaginaton, instead of just showing the stories animated on the walls.

During our process we have dived into the atmospheres of the middle ages, and our office has litterally been flooded by the darkness, unsecurity of life and deaths of the times back then and the forces very foreign from today’s modern man.

Story 1 – The great alliance

The first story, tells about “The great alliance” between King Valdemar the great and the Absalon church family. Our projections are the first thing to greet the audience while they walk down the stairs, with a 14 meter wide and 7 meter high stream of energy, blood flesh and dirt, from the purgatory-life of the ordinary peasants to the infinite heights of heaven in the medieval churches.

Studio shoot

Story 2 – The life of a king

The second story is about the balance between life and death, control or chaos, success and fiasco for the Kings in the middle ages. The story tells about how King Valdemar Sejr, was kidnapped, had 2 wives dying in the birthing bed and his sun dying in a tragic accident. We decided to create a 7 meter wide curtain that kept the balance in place for the audience, leaving them with stressy shocks and peacefull relief, trough dungeons, deep forests and the madam room.


Story 3 – From chaos to order

In 1340 Valdemar Atterdag becomes king of Denmark only 20 years old, the kingdom is completely ruined by many years of anarchy and the storiy tells about the methods and tools a king would use to reconquer his kingdom.

As a rarity chamber, with a defined set of rules like a computer game, we slowly evolve an video mapped wall installation from bureaucracy over negotiations, to battle and finally assassination.

Photo shoot of exhibited objects

Story 4 – Created for power

In the 1100s, north italian munks brought the craftsmanship of clay bricks to Denmark. Valdemar the great was one of the first to start building with bricks, and the new technology quickly became a symbol of power and wealth.

“Created for power” is a clay-brick-symphony, trough digging of clay, moulding, burning and design of the architecture, timely and tight synchronised with the music from composer Rasmus Zwicki.

  • Floor brick from the middle age

  • 3D build up

  • Close collaboration with the composer Rasmus Zwicki

Story 5 – From castle to castle

Troughout the middle age, the Danish kings were constantly traveling from city to city and castle to castle, to maintain the power. The king would travel along his men, administration and bureaucracy, and each city would awake with hundreds of people coming from the areas around to work at the castles.

We decided to follow the kings journey by flying over Denmark in an aerial view to follow the hundreds of peasents living around the castles as the king announces his arrival. And by his departure zoom in to follow him trough the dense forests and poor roads,

The visualization was based on a map of danish churches from the middle age, populated with particles representing the peasents and the kings men. The project was made in collaboration with Carl-Emil Carlsen from Sixth Sensor


Intro / Outro